Since, as an artist active internationally, I have a great interest in how and in which context my works are exhibited, here I would like once again to expressly state that the Berlin gallery Wagner & Partner has not represented me since 2014.

Contrary to this fact, illustrations of my works, portrait photographs, my curriculum vitae and information about my exhibitions are being used for publicity purposes on the Wagner & Partner Gallery’s website against my express will to give the false impression that the Wagner und Partner Gallery is still acting on my behalf even today.
In addition, the displaying of my works at the Art Rotterdam and Art Karlsruhe fairs, taking place in February 2018, is also giving rise to this false impression. I am expressly distancing myself from this displaying of my works.

These were not made available by me. In point of fact, the paintings detailed in the advance publicity are owned by third parties. This explains the random and limited selection of pictures. Furthermore, the display at the Art Karlsruhe and Art Rotterdam fairs is in no way a representative cross-section of my oeuvre from the last 40 years.
Data protection